Can you imagine how hard life must be when you are living on the streets—cold, hungry, and feeling alone? When Yves first arrived at our doors in 2014, he had nearly lost all hope for his future. But because of donors like you, he received shelter, nourishing meals, and most importantly love at Welcome Hall Mission. 

Right now, we are preparing for a busy Easter season. Would you please give to provide hope and a hot meal to someone like Yves this Easter?

Provide 71 meals for just $250

Provide 43 meals for just $150

Provide 21 meals for just $75

Give Any Amount

Thanks to donors like you, today Yves has a home, a new craft, and most importantly, he has hope. You can transform more lives like Yves’. Please give today!


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Samuel Watts
CEO/Executive Director

P.S. When you give, you’ll also get to write an encouraging message we will pass on to someone who is struggling. Please give today!

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