Education and Employability

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Education & Employability

Social and professional skills training for adults

At Welcome Hall Mission, we believe in fresh starts. Many of our clients are searching for a way to reintegrate into the workforce and make new social connections. The Education and Employability department provide an exceptional learning environment where program participants are accompanied through social and professional skills training, job search workshops, language courses and more.

Countless numbers of clients have turned their lives around by way of finding a job, gaining confidence, acquiring crucial life skills, developing a fulfilling and structured routine as well as cultivating healthy social connections. To witness the program in action is to see individuals thriving within a supportive community of instructors, support workers, co-workers and volunteers.

Collaborative approach to providing individualized solutions

Welcome Hall Mission’s variety of work environments provides an ideal platform for the skills acquisition program that is made possible through an alliance of three key organizations. Participants are referred for training by Emploi-Québec through its Programme d’aide et d’accompagnement social (PAAS) Action program. The curriculum is developed and taught by educators from the Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (CREP) of the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM). Welcome Hall Mission provides the work environment and a specially-trained team of support workers who meet regularly with participants to help solve issues and to provide encouragement. The training period extends over one year for most participants. During that time, they benefit from:

> 20 hours per week of social and professional skills training
> Paid daycare and transportation fees
> Personalized follow-up
> Educational outings and activities
> Life skills workshops
> Certifi cate of competency given by CREP (Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques)

The program helps those distanced from the labor market gain socio-professional autonomy and reintegrate into society. Participants learn at their own pace in a safe environment. They work on developing a healthy social support network and a concrete plan to fi nd employment that takes into account their competencies, interests, and the job market itself.

From recognizing stress and learning how to cope with it, to developing skills and behaviors that favor socio-professional reintegration, participants gain useful tools that strengthen their job search efforts and reinforce their social network.

Who is eligible?
To qualify for the program, participants must:
> Be a welfare beneficiary
> Have a birth certificate or permanent residency
> Be 18 years of age or older
> Be referred by an Emploi-Québec agent

Education and employability programming

The participant’s week is a full one, with a wide variety of professional, social and cultural activities:

Work experience in one of the following fields:
> Sorting and distributing food at the food bank
> Repackaging of food items
> Sorting, labeling and selling clothes
> Customer service in “La Boutique”
> Cafeteria work
> Kitchen work

Life skills workshops help participants integrate socially and span a variety of relevant topics:
> Problem-solving and communication skills
> Preparation for the transfer of skills in the workplace
> Job-related personal and social skills
> Basic math skills
> Psycho-motor skills
> Managing daily life
> Domestic, family and parenting skills
> Personal hygiene, sexuality and good nutrition
> Accessing community resources

Job search workshops help participants develop their curriculum vitae and understand the steps necessary to finding appropriate employment.

Educational outings and special activities take participants into the community to discover the richness of Montreal culture and the arts through.

> Visits to museums
> Art projects
> Area tours
> And more!

Language Courses
> Beginner and intermediate-level French classes

Other adult education opportunities
The Education and Employability department offers other learning opportunities to eligible individuals, based on residency status. Interested? Call to see if you qualify.

> English classes are available for anyone who needs to polish up their language skills thanks to a partnership with the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).
> The beginner and intermediate-level French classes offered in the skills acquisition program are also open to the public, as are the job search workshops.

Special events
Two yearly events celebrate the hardworking participants: a summer picnic and a Christmas party. These festivities are golden opportunities for strengthening social bonds and networking.

It’s important to work hard, but it’s equally as important to know how to relax and enjoy life! Every summer, the end of the school year is celebrated with a festive afternoon picnic in the park. Great food, music, handing out of participation certificates, games, presents, fun activities and more are all on the menu! A Christmas party rewards participants for all of their hard work during the course of the year. Games, lunch, Christmas carols and presents bring participants and Mission staff together while encouraging clients to persevere in their journey towards reintegration into the workforce.

Information: 514 523-5288, ext. 138

Education & Employability

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