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Since 1985, Welcome Hall Mission’s Food Bank has provided assistance to people who need it. Each week, over 2263 people feed each week with food distributed to the Food Bank. To serve them, we need to raise almost 1 million Kg per yearFood is provided to disadvantaged families to allow them to nourish themselves adequately. The food basket includes the following depending on what we receive from our different partners and food suppliers:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Canned Foods
  • Non-perishable Products

Services offered:

  1. Food Assistance
  2. Christmas Baskets and Toy Distribution
  3. School Supplies
  4. Income Tax Reports
  5. Community Information Sessions
  6. Volunteering
  7. Opening Hours

Food Assistance

In North America, it is possible to be hungry

Being hungry is unfortunately a reality in Montreal! 3,500 families currently visit Welcome Hall Mission’s Food Bank every month. Twice a week, long lines of families come seeking help. Food assistance is an almost constant need because families have no other choice. Often, these families are going through hard times due to health or financial problems, or they are new immigrants who have not yet found work, or they are people having serious difficulties meeting their primary needs.

Living in prosperous North America, it is difficult to imagine people suffering from hunger.

” There were times when I didn’t even have a piece of bread. You know? It was really tough.”

Julie was on welfare, but her cheque left only a very small amount of money for food.

Food distributions take place every Tuesday and Friday between 9 am and 11:45 am and between 1 pm and 2:00 pm; by appointment only.

Want to open a file?  Visit the Food Bank counter during opening hours (see below).  It is important that you bring the necessary documents!  Click here for the list.

Warehouses and Refrigerated Trucks

Guarantee of fresh food

We own two food warehouses where we stock the food received from our different suppliers, on average 60 tons of food per month. Everything we receive is distributed free of charge to our clients: street youth, disadvantaged families, homeless people, and anyone else in need.

We also own refrigerated warehouses for optimum food management. These warehouses allow us to keep food fresh as long as possible.

The Mission’s Food Bank is one of the few in Canada equipped with a real-time warehouse management system. This greatly facilitates our food management and allows us to organize distribution according to the “best before” dates marked on the products. The system also facilitates stock rotation in order to minimize food loss for our clients. Our truck fleet consists of four donated trucks, three of which are refrigerated. These trucks enable us pick up donations, make deliveries, and maintain refrigeration throughout the food handling process.

Sorting, Bagging and Food Handling

A pledge of quality

Our warehouses provide families and our four cafeterias with fruit, vegetables, and all the other products that we receive. To minimize waste, a preliminary sorting of everything received is made by participants (trainees) from our Education and Employability department and our volunteers. All the food is carefully sorted, separated into predetermined quantities, and re-packed.

Christmas Baskets and Toy Distribution

We want Christmas to be fun for everyone!

Every year we organize a special delivery of well filled Christmas baskets, as well as a new and used toy distribution for children during the annual Noël Pour Tous event. Registration for these distributions begin in October. The Food Bank ensures that baskets are not given to those who have already received one from another organization, which would penalize other people who could have benefited.

School Supplies

A back-to-school with dignity for all

Registration begins in May for children of families we assist so they can receive school supplies. Thanks to our partners and donors, thousands of children receive bags full of school supplies during our Rentrée la Tête Haute event.

Income Tax Reports

A free service for the most disadvantaged

This service is provided for people who live below the poverty line. Government volunteers meet beneficiaries, by appointment, throughout the months of March and April. The service is provided three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday), 30 minutes per appointment.

Community Information Sessions

An information and support service

In collaboration with other community organizations, we organize information sessions on relevant, useful subjects for new-comers. We also have a nurse who provides information on health and how the health system works.


Many hands lighten the load

Did you know that last year, hundreds of dedicated and committed people together realized more than 8,300 hours of volunteer work? The Food Bank has been able to count on the contribution of the participation of these volunteers to successfully accomplish its activities throughout the year. Volunteering opportunities are mainly available Monday through Friday. Click here for more information about volunteering possibilities.

Opening Hours

The Food Bank is open as follows for the opening of new files (closed Wednesday afternoons and holidays):

Monday: 9-12:00 pm, 1-3:00 pm
Wednesday: 9-12:00 pm
Thursday: 9-12:00 pm, 1-3:00 pm

Food Bank distribution days (by appointment only):

Tuesday: 9-11:45 am, 1-2:00 pm
Friday: 9-11:45 am, 1-2:00 pm

Contact – Food Bank

4755D Acorn Street
Montreal, QC H4C 3L6
Phone: 514-937-9317
Fax: 514-937-4703


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