La Boutique

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Our End of Season Sale is going on now! On clothing items ONLY: 75% on used clothing and 50% on new clothing!

All profits from our thrift shop are entirely reinvested into the Mission to help finance programs that help the needy.

To make a donation of clothing, or any other kind of object, please drop them off at:

Welcome Hall Mission
4755E, Acorn Street
Montreal, QC H4C 3L6
Phone: 514-523-5288, extension 152
Fax: 514-937-4703

  1. Opening Hours
  2. Goals
  3. New and Used Items for the General Public
  4. Gift Cards
  5. Special Sales
  6. Sorting and Quality Control

Opening Hours





An opportunity to shop for great deals

Welcome Hall Mission’s La Boutique is everything but an ordinary thrift shop. We offer prices that beat all competition for new and used articles. It is open to all Montrealers, but particularly appreciated by the city’s disadvantaged families. The Boutique overflows with good quality fashionable clothing, ensuring a pleasant experience for our clientele. In addition, the Boutique provides a training environment for participants from the Education and Employability program.

New and Used Items for the General Public

Great deals at unbeatable prices !

New and used items are made available to our clientele. They have the opportunity to buy clean clothes in very good condition.

Gift Cards


Are you looking for the perfect gift at La Boutique? Offer a gift card!

The gift cards are on sale at various prices at La Boutique and every person who receives them will get the perfect giftNo more wrong sizes, colors or styles to guess! Spoil the ones you love!

Special Sales

Deals all year long

We now offer end of season sales where you will find up to 75% discounts!

On the first Friday of each month*, customers can enjoy a 25% discount on all new items and 50% on everything else (*except during the months of January, August and September, and there is no sale on the first Friday of December, and also the 3rd Saturday of December.)

Here are the Sale dates for the year 2017 :

  • Febuary 3rd, Febuary 18th, March 3rd, March 18th, April 7th, April 22nd, May 5th, May 20th, June 2nd, June 17th, July 7th, July 15th, October 6th, October 21st, November 3rd, November 18th
  • December 2nd, last sale of the year, Noël pour tous

Noël pour tous Sale: December 2nd

For the Christmas season, we will be closed from December 23rd to January 2nd 2017.

Sorting and Quality Control

Articles are carefully chosen

We receive approximately 2,000 bags filled with new and used articles per month. With the help of participants in our Education and Employability program and volunteers, our employees sort and stock our shelves with clothing and accessories.

To ensure quality, our team carefully sorts new and used articles. Before products are displayed, a detailed verification is made to select only clean articles in first class condition. Our articles are trendy. We stock items that reflect the latest fashions and we ensure a rapid rotation of our inventory to offer new stock every day!

Our goal is to offer carefully selected, high quality products. Our team examines, sorts, and displays merchandise in an inviting manner.

La Boutique

4755B, Acorn Street
Montreal, QC H4C 3L6
Phone: 514-523-5288 ext. 149
Fax: 514-937-4703