Men’s Services

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The Mission’s Men’s Services are designed to encourage homeless men to get off the street, to put their lives back together, to fight their addictions, and to find tangible solutions to reintegrate society.

1. Emergency Shelter
2. Meal Service
3. Transitory Shelter and Reinsertion Service:

4. Health Service
5. Reduced Mobility
6. Communal Activities at the Shelter
7. Résidences Bon Accueil (RBA) Addiction Treatment Program
8. Financial Assistance Service

Emergency Shelter

A roof and a bed far from the cold

On the street, out in the cold, at the mercy of every kind of bad weather, summer and winter, is the homeless person’s daily reality. Often ignored and stigmatized, you can recognize them by a haunted look, as if searching for something they will never find if no one gives them a helping hand.

This reality is the daily challenge for Welcome Hall Mission at its Macaulay Pavilion, 1490 St-Antoine West. We offer a refuge from the cold, miserable weather, and the harshness of the city. Welcome Hall’s Men’s Mission opens its door to homeless and disadvantaged men, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We don’t let them down! Our emergency shelter (Men’s mission) is always busy and is full every night. During the winter, demand stretches us to the limit.

« I will never forget that freezing night … I found shelter from the cold … I will never forget the kindness»
– says Richard, thanking Welcome Hall Mission for saving him from the cold and the street !

During winter months, we increase the number of beds from 187 to 250 in order to accommodate people who have nowhere else to go. Since 1892, we have offered a roof, warm meals, clean clothes, new underwear, hygiene products, hot showers, counselling services, and a friendly ear while homeless men shelter with us.

In addition to offering a hand, our goal is to get them off the street for good. We offer transition and socio-professional programs to our clients in order to encourage them and equip them with tools to take control of their lives.

Meal Service

A place far from hunger

Our 200 seat cafeteria is a place where those in need can enjoy a nutritious meal.

The holidays are the most difficult time of the year for the homeless, so we organize special meals in a family atmosphere for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving with our beloved Montreal Alouettes.

« Holidays and winter are always hard… »

Transitory Shelter and Reintegration Service

Accompaniment Toward Belonging

Making friends and rebuilding a social life

Often isolated, men find a place where they can feel part of a community. Transitional shelter is way of helping men get off the street, to make friends, to be part of a group. It gives them the opportunity to become part of groups organized by the Mission’s employees, churches, or other partners.

Housing Assistance Service

Finding genuine solutions to reintegrate

Welcome Hall Mission wants to be the premier place where lives are changed! Counsellors help clients and accompany them throughout a social reinsertion program where men are encouraged and supported to take on new challenges.

To help them through the process, our Men’s Mission offers 25 transitional beds along with 25 studio apartments at the Résidences Bon Accueil located at 4755A Acorn Street in Montreal. During this time, men begin the research and footwork necessary to find themselves a home and a job.

Health Service

So everyone has access to health care

An on-site nurse provides healthcare. Where needed, she refers men who are homeless or in our reinsertion program to the appropriate health services and makes sure that they have access to the same health services as the rest of the population. She works in close collaboration with the local CLSCs.

Reduced Mobility

Nobody is left out or forgotten!

Homeless people with reduced mobility also have their place at the Men’s Mission. This service, which consists of 5 beds in a separate room, provides necessary amenities including adapted showers.

Communal Activities at the Shelter

Getting involved to help and support!

You want to help? You want to play a part in influencing the lives of people in need? You’re at the right place! Each year, businesses, groups, and organizations contact us to volunteer. You can offer a helping hand by:

  • Directly financing meals
  • Organizing and serving meals
  • Giving a hand with the multitude of activities that benefit the homeless

RBA Addiction Treatment Program

Dignity, respect and tolerance to break free of addiction!

The RBA Addiction Treatment Program is an abstinence-based treatment program where the ultimate goal is not only lifelong abstinence from mood-altering substances but also an improved lifestyle that is characterized by healthy relationships on a personal, social, and spiritual level. In a period of 12 to 15 months, the counsellor works with the client’s ambivalence and helps the client develop an openness to change. The expectations and treatment goals are tailored to the needs and limitations of each client.


The RBA addiction treatment program is made available to adult men with substance abuse issues living in poverty.


Main objectives are:


  • Stabilization of the client
  • External detachment
  • Behavioural change
  • Building a support system outside of the program



The RBA Addiction Treatment Program has been certified by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux since October 2009.


We do everything possible to treat our clients with respect, dignity and tolerance. We provide a non-judgemental, safe place where we can develop relationships based on trust.

Financial Assistance Service

Help with budgeting

The Mission assists men who need help with their personal finances in order to make a budget and manage their monthly expenses.



Men’s Mission

Macaulay Pavilion
1490, St-Antoine street West
Montreal, QC, H3C 1C3
Phone: 514-935-6396
Fax : 514-935-3165

Résidences Bon Accueil

4755 A Acorn Street , 2nd floor
Montreal, QC H4C 3L6
Phone : 514-523-5288 ext. 177
Fax: 514-906-0235