Women’s Services

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At Welcome Home Mission, we believe that young mothers, regardless of their background, can pick up the skills they need to become good mothers and oversee their child’s holistic development.

The Coeur à soeur program meets the basic needs of young mothers and their children. We work with mothers to give them the empowerment they need to make decisions and provide for their and their children’s needs.

Our team of dedicated, seasoned professionals helps young mothers and pregnant women take back control of their lives. Through personalized life plans, participants build up their self-esteem, develop a greater sense of responsibility and hone their parental skills. Women living in precarious situations now have a chance to become confident and self-reliant young adults, capable of facing current and future life challenges. 

Shelter. Food. Love.

These three guiding principles are at the very heart of all of our multidisciplinary team’s actions and every one of the free services offered through this program. Our integrated approach provides every young woman involved in Coeur à soeur with personalized support.


Young mothers and their children require a healthy living environment to develop their full potential.

Through Cœur à sœur, mothers can receive:
> Help finding lodging
> Home visits
> Baby equipment


Some young mothers are undernourished. Others, living in precarious situations, cannot ensure that they and their baby get the nourishment they need.

With the help of Cœur à sœur, they can:
> Receive baby food
> Be referred to Welcome Hall Mission’s free grocery store
> Take part in cooking lessons


Every victory, however small it may be, deserves to be celebrated! Our team takes the time to acknowledge the successes taking place in participants’ lives, including going back to school, completing a degree or starting a new job.

Cœur à sœur offers:
> A welcoming judgment-free environment
> Specialized counselling
> An active presence

Additionnal Services

Group workshops focused on concrete intervention support (self-esteem, personal, parental and child development);

Babysitting services are offered during the workshops;

Pre-employability program: Young women who have been away from the workforce, or excluded from it, can undertake pre-employability training to develop their skills, facilitate their return to the workforce and boost their self-esteem. We also give them the opportunity to volunteer at Welcome Hall Mission or complete an internship with our team. In doing so, we help candidates prepare for future interviews and improve their resumes. Furthermore, we point them towards resources that will help them continue to further their schooling and career development.

Fun outings (La Boutique, apple picking, etc.)

Health services: Medical consultations with a nurse are available on-site through a partnership with CLSC des Faubourgs. Vaccination campaigns are also organized periodically. Program participants can receive free top-quality dental care at the Jim Lund Dental Clinic.

Who is eligible?

Women aged 15 to 30 who are pregnant or have children up to 5 years of age;

Living in precarious situations;

Residing in the greater Montreal region.


Cœur à sœur

1448, Beaudry Street
Montreal, QC H2L 3E5
Phone: 514-904-1346

Near Beaudry Metro Station