Youth Services

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At Welcome Hall Mission, we believe that every young person has potential and a role to play in society. When knocking on the door at Youth Services, young people living in precarious situations can expect to receive customized support that caters to their individual needs. Our team’s approach focuses on both prevention and intervention. By involving young people heavily in the decisions that concern them, we give them a chance to regain confidence, at their pace and in a safe, healthy and inspiring environment.
Through personalized life plans, participants build up their self-esteem, develop a greater sense of responsibility and take back control of their lives. Previously excluded and marginalized young people now have a chance to become responsible, well‑equipped adults capable of meeting life’s various challenges. They are empowered to build a fairer society where everyone can reach their full potential.

Shelter. Food. Love.

These three guiding principles are at the very heart of all our multidisciplinary team’s actions and every one of the free services offered through the program. Our integrated approach provides every young man or woman asking for help with personalized support. According to their life plan, clients can participate in workshops that reinforce the lessons taught through interventions. For example, in any given week, youth can join group workout sessions, “5 à 7” cooking lessons or workshops on topics such as self-esteem, self-awareness and conflict resolution.


Help finding lodging 
Having a place to call your own is a major step in overcoming exclusion and staying off the street. Our team helps young people prepare a budget and find an apartment that suits their means.
Once a young person has moved into their apartment, we organize home visits to make sure that they are settling well into their new life and that they continue to make progress towards achieving their life plan.


Evening meals
Meals are served from 5 to 6:30 p.m.,
Monday to Friday.
What better way to start taking back control of your life than eating a hot meal in the company of professional and friendly people? Every day, we serve approximately 100 dinners. Special seasonal meals are also planned (fall, Christmas, maple sugar season, summer BBQ).

Skill acquisition program : microentreprise
Vocational training program for youth interested in cooking.
Through a microenterprise project, young people learn new skills and prepare to reintegrate into the workforce, helping them to renew their sense of hope and self-confidence. Work experience opportunities are available for young people coming from youth centres looking to increase their employability.


Socio-psychological support, mentorship and relationships 
By appointment. Monday to Friday,
from noon to 5 p.m.
A team of seasoned professionals is there to welcome every youth, to meet their needs and to direct them towards the appropriate services and professionals. We work closely with a variety of partners to ensure that we provide young people with the services best suited to their life situations.

Help finding work and returning to school
Everyone deserves a chance! Our team helps young people find employment, go back to school or start a training program. Individuals trying to build a successful life fare much better when they enjoy their schooling and hold a stable job.

Showers and hygiene products 
Open Monday to Friday, from noon to 5 p.m.
We provide young people with access to clean showers and hygiene products. Those who need temporary or emergency help are redirected to Welcome Hall Mission’s La Boutique, where they
can find everything they require.

Physical fitness
The training room is open Monday to
Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m., with coach supervision.
Exercise is a great way to expend energy and feel better about yourself. Young people can stop by Welcome Hall Mission’s training room to work-out on their own or with help from a coach. During the warmer months, we regularly schedule outdoor sports activities.

Health services 
Medical consultations with a nurse are available on site through a partnership with CLSC des Faubourgs. Vaccination campaigns are also organized periodically. Program participants can receive free top-quality dental care at the Jim Lund Dental Clinic. The program is offered in collaboration with McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry.

Special events 
A few times a year, the Youth Services team organizes inclusive events. Whether a BBQ with the SPVM to build trust or a tasty Christmas dinner, these gatherings give young people the opportunity to create new, supportive relationships that will help them get back on their feet and regain their confidence.

Who is eligible for this program?

Young people aged 15 to 25, living in precarious situations.

Cost : Free


Youth Services

1448, Beaudry Street
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 3E5

Phone: 514-904-1346
Fax: 514-904-2638

Near Beaudry Metro Station