Youth Services

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A future full of hope is Youth Services’ wish for Montreal’s young street people.

Who are the youth we help?

Our clients are young people from all social classes, although the majority comes from disadvantaged backgrounds, and families plagued with all kinds of problems. They are:

  • Runaway youth
  • Addicts
  • Teenagers from fosters homes, youth centers, etc.

Whether on the street by choice or due to a series of mishaps, young street people have this in common: the feeling of exclusion and rejection

Services offered:

  1. Warm Meals
  2. Showers and Hygiene Products
  3. Food Baskets, Clothing, Sleeping Bags
  4. Socio-psychological Support, Mentorship and Relationships
  5. Help re-establishing family relationships
  6. Help Finding Lodging
  7. Help Returning to School and Finding Work
  8. Legal Aid
  9. Health Services
  10. Physical Fitness and Sports Room
  11. Thematic and Cultural Evenings
  12. Help for Young Mothers in Difficulty

Warm Meals

A place to eat nutritiously

Youth Services’ cafeteria is a warm and welcoming place for those who have nowhere to eat a hot meal. From Monday to Friday, starting at 5:30 pm, we serve between 75 to 100 dinners.

Showers and Hygiene Products

A popular free service

It is extremely important for us to be able to provide showers and hygiene products.

Food Baskets, Clothing, Sleeping Bags

Help for real needs

In addition to suffering from financial needs and personal problems, youth are often hungry. To meet this need, we offer a food basket service for young people in the process of reinsertion and who have a safe shelter. This service is also available to young families in difficulty.

Clothing is also available as needed. Seasonal clothing is only given once but can be replaced if necessary. Because our clients are mostly on the street rather than indoors, we also distribute sleeping bags where needed.

Socio-psychological Support, Mentorship and Relationships

A place of acceptance, free of judgment

No one is refused, and everyone is taken seriously. Here, young people feel listened to, accepted and understood. Counselors meet with young people upon appointment from noon to 5 pm. After an initial interview – the first stop for everyone who knocks at our door – youth are referred to counselors, organizations, and appropriate professionals according to their situation.

Help re-establishing family relationships

Why not rebuild relationships?

As far as it is possible, our youth are encouraged to re-connect with their families.

Help Finding Lodging

Getting off the street for good

The principal goal of this service is to get youth off the street and away from its negative effects. Young people are assisted to find a home to meet their specific needs. Counselors help them find affordable permanent housing. Once the home is found, counselors visit the residence to make sure all is well and that the young person is on the right path.

Help Returning to School and Finding Work

A helping hand to rebuild your life

Getting off the street isn’t easy. You have to find a source of income and put in place everything necessary to ensure a good future. Counselors, trainees, CEGEP and university professors help youth as they return to school or seek work.

We also work with partners such as the YMCA and Emploi Québec. Our youth have the opportunity to participate in employability programs.

We also provide training at different educational levels.

The street is a place for all kind of troubles. Our youth need support and solutions. Experts provide legal advice, free of charge, for all our youth.

Health Services

When you are healthy, everything is possible

As well as caring about their living conditions, we are also preoccupied by their health. Medical consultations are offered every Tuesday and Wednesday by our nurse and a nurse from the itinerant team at the Faubourgs CLSC. In the case of severe disease, the young person is referred to the closest hospital accompanied by our nurse. Periodically, vaccination campaigns are also organized.

Youth can also benefit from the Welcome Hall Mission’s Jim Lund Dental Clinic for free.

Physical Fitness and Sports Room

Far from the street

Our fitness rooms are a place, far from the street, where youth can burn off their energy. They also have access to boxing classes every week at the following times:

Fitness training with coach:

  • Monday from 5 pm to 7 pm

Sports room:

  • From Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 4 pm

Thematic and Cultural Evenings

Diversified clientele

Because our clients are multicultural, we organize thematic meetings to make them feel at home. We periodically program meals or evenings on cultural or seasonal themes:

  • African evening
  • Latin evening
  • Barbecue
  • Sugar shack
  • Scrap booking (for the young mothers of the Coeur à Soeur program)
  • Christmas

Help for Young Mothers in Difficulty

Pregnant and vulnerable

Vulnerable, exhausted, pregnant, homeless for some, and living under highly vulnerable conditions for others, the Cœur à Sœur program provides complementary help, before and after birth. For more information, visit the Women’s Services page.

Youth Services

1448, Beaudry Street
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 3E5

Phone: 514-904-1346
Fax: 514-904-2638