Planned Donations

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A planned donation is another name for a charitable gift. The expression “planned donation“ has a slightly different meaning because it entails planning your donation rather than simply giving in a spontaneous manner. A planned donation generally requires thought and organization.

Why make a planned donation?

Welcome Hall Mission’s objective is to combat poverty in Montreal by offering food, shelter, and clothing as well as providing moral, spiritual and professional support to people in need. None of all this would be possible without the support of donors like you.

When to make a planned donation?

Planned donations have often been limited to donations made via a will, a life insurance policy, or a charitable gift annuity. These are still excellent methods for making a planned donation, however the growth of tax benefits make it interesting to plan a donation during your lifetime. Planned donations can also be made as a living donation.

Who can make a planned donation?

Anyone can make a planned donation. They are not restricted to the very wealthy. It is possible to make a donation in line with your personal goals. Some options are particularly interesting for business people, while others are less technical and more accessible to everyone.

How to make a planned donation?

Some financial or legal advisors are reluctant to talk about charitable donations with their clients. It is therefore important to let your advisors or notary know about your interest in Welcome Hall Mission so that they can explain the best planning possibilities for your situation.

If you would like more information about Welcome Hall Mission, familiarize you with these planning tools so you can achieve your charitable goals, please contact Isabelle Pecqueur at: 514-523-5288 ext. 317 or by e-mail :