My team and I were just discussing our new year’s resolutions and the word gratitude kept coming up. As a matter of fact, a constant theme here at the Mission is our overwhelming gratitude for our supporters.  

We’re serving more people than ever, expanding our services, and introducing innovative programs, all tailored to the evolving needs of our community. You’re likely aware that there’s been a big shift in our world, which we have wholeheartedly embraced but only with your help.

Non-profit organizations like ours are moving from providing temporary ‘patches’ to delivering lasting ‘solutions’. Gone are the days when a bowl of soup or a bed for the night were the extent of our support. Today, thanks to you, we are solution providers. We’re not just offering immediate help but are also guiding people towards the solutions they seek for a better, more stable future.

As we face the challenges of the year ahead, your continued partnership will be invaluable in addressing the rising needs in Montreal. Together, we are not just meeting immediate demands, we’re building pathways to long-term stability and success.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here’s to a year of continued collaboration, compassion, and change.

With appreciation,

Samuel Watts

CEO/Executive Director

Youssouf’s Dream of More for His Daughters

Last year marked a new beginning for Youssouf and his two daughters, as they packed up and set out together to turn a long-held dream into reality. With hope in his heart, he said goodbye to the lush landscapes of the Ivory Coast and hello to the bustling, urban streets of Montreal.

While Youssouf loved his homeland, he’d always believed in the promises of the West. He felt especially drawn to Canada for its high-quality education, employment opportunities and political stability. With his first language being French, Quebec was a natural fit. 

As you can imagine, starting over is never easy—especially without the support of friends or family. 

The moment they arrived, the pressure was on to find a stable home, secure a good education for his girls, and gain employment in a field that could sustain the entire family. Of course, these things are much easier said than done. 

While seeking help, Youssouf was referred to Welcome Hall Mission. His worries melted away when our team leapt into action. In no time at all, staff helped the family find and settle into an apartment. Soon after, we helped Youssef find and enroll his daughters in introductory classes which help newcomers navigate Quebec’s culture and society.

But that still left Youssouf. He had spent over a decade as a teacher. It was a shock to discover that his credentials weren’t immediately transferable and he had to create a new career from scratch. 

Fortunately, he had your help! Once he was guided through updating his resume, mastering interview techniques, and navigating the local job market, I’m thrilled to tell you that it wasn’t long before he secured a position as an electrical assembly worker!

Youssouf was elated. He knew this job was a stepping stone to a future of self-reliance and stability for his family. 

Today, Youssouf and his girls are doing well. In fact, he recently wrote us to share his gratitude:

“I am reassured for the success of my future and that of my family. I do not regret my immigration to Canada and specifically Québec. I thank the team of Welcome Hall Mission.”

Stories like this one are a vivid reminder of how, together, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals—and strengthen the fabric of our entire community. Thank you for helping to build a stronger, more vibrant Montreal!

Your Gifts Shared Holiday Joy

Looking back on this past Christmas season, we’re filled with immense gratitude for your generosity. This year’s Christmas meal was a true highlight. 

It was heartwarming to see so many gather, enjoying uplifting company and delicious food. The notes of encouragement you provided on the placemats added a personal touch that was deeply appreciated by all who joined us. 

The joy of the season truly came to life during our Noel Pour Tous event, which took place in Saint Henri. This year, we took children on a Whimsical Odyssey, a journey inspired by the famous Orient Express. 

From a bazaar reminiscent of Istanbul to a wintery European Christmas market, their adventure concluded with a magical meeting with Santa. We’re proud to say that your gifts reached 2,000 Montreal children, offering them toys and an unforgettable moment they’ll cherish in their lives. Isn’t that amazing? 

Thank you for making Christmas memorable for so many this holiday season.

Thank YOU For Your Phenomenal Generosity!

We’re thrilled to recognize two standout fundraisers, the John Abbott College Spirit team and the Life Is Too Short event organizers, whose collective efforts brought warmth and substantial support to Welcome Hall Mission.

The John Abbott College Spirit team hosted a fundraising spaghetti dinner at St. George’s Anglican Church in Saint Anne de Bellevue. And the result? An amazing $1,900 was raised for Welcome Hall Mission! 

We want to thank the stellar organizing team of Kurtis Sutton, Madeleine Sambrooke, Riley Atkins and Laurent Cartier for driving positive change in our city.

November’s first annual Life Is Too Short (LITS) event, hosted by a group of community-minded accountant friends, struck a chord for charity. Their fundraiser was a mix of fine dining, lively dancing, and a competitive silent auction, all in support of Welcome Hall Mission.

The night closed out with an impressive $33,843 raised. We’re immensely grateful—your contributions have made a substantial impact! Thank you for putting on this important event to benefit those without a home in our city!