As fall comes to a close, I like to pause and reflect before the busy holiday season begins. Your support has allowed us to experience so many wonderful moments since I last wrote to you. 

Our dedicated community of supporters sent more underprivileged children to summer camp this year than ever before. With your help, over 400 children from low-income families experienced the wonders of camp. Their smiling faces made this summer an unforgettable one.

This year’s back-to-school campaign was also a shining success. Every dollar donated went to providing brand new backpacks and other essential school supplies to children in need. Thank you for supporting these young students as they make their way in the world!

Another bright moment in a season of highlights was our annual Thanksgiving meal. Donors pulled out all the stops to make sure that every person had a reason to be thankful this fall. Thanks to you, we fed heaping plates of turkey and potatoes to hungry Montrealers across the city. 

It’s with grateful hearts that we now turn our efforts towards our Christmas campaign. We look forward to supporting as many people as we can through the harsh cold of the holiday season. 

 With appreciation,

Samuel Watts

CEO/Executive Director

When conflict threatened his family’s safety, Anthony Omofuma made a daring decision. A year ago, he and his wife lived in Nigeria with their three small children. But danger loomed like a dark cloud over his home. Anthony knew they couldn’t stay in Nigeria, so they packed their bags with the hope of immigrating to Canada.

When they arrived in Montreal, they sought help from the Canadian government. They were relieved to find permanent housing through an immigration program—but there was a catch. Their new home wouldn’t be available for another two weeks! 

The relief of finding sanctuary in Canada wore off and a new reality sunk in. Everything felt foreign. And it was terribly frightening to rely on the kindness of strangers. Now, on top of it all, he and his whole family were homeless.  

But there was a light in the darkness. 

His wife and children were accepted at a nearby women’s shelter, and Anthony found emergency shelter at Welcome Hall Mission.

“I was sick with worry for my family,” says Anthony. “The days apart felt painfully long. I was just grateful to know we all had somewhere to sleep and food to eat.” 

During his stay at the shelter, he discovered various resources that helped him prepare for his new life in Canada. He filled his days by volunteering in our kitchen, which not only provided him with a new skill set but also introduced him to Canadian cuisine and culture. 

After two weeks with little contact,  he and his family reunited to move into their new apartment. “Words cannot describe how happy we were to finally be in a place we could call home,” says Anthony.

But starting over is always difficult, but immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming. Anthony had a long hard road ahead of him. 

With guidance from our intervention workers, Anthony found a career path that suited his background in health care. He enrolled in a Nurses’ Aide Course, and in less than a year he received his license, found a steady job, and no longer needed welfare assistance.

His story of success is only possible because donors like you! Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and your generosity became a lifeline for Anthony when he needed it most. 

Whenever I share my life story, I will always mention Welcome Hall Mission,” says Anthony. “They gave me the foundation I needed to start this Canadian chapter of my life. I am extremely thankful.

When you’re struggling to meet basic needs like food or housing, going to the dentist doesn’t seem all that important. But oral health is essential to our quality of life and poor dental care can actually further trap people in poverty by limiting their job prospects and social mobility. 

With the help of your generous support, Welcome Hall Mission and McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry collaborated to create the Jim Lund Dental Clinic in 2011. This permanent location provides free dental care to thousands of low income families, new immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness.

The Jim Lund Dental Clinic offers a variety of treatment, ranging from prevention and cleaning to surgery and orthodontics and it’s all thanks to you! Dental care is a fundamental human right and no person should ever have to suffer from prolonged and debilitating tooth pain. With your support, we vow to continue to improve the lives of thousands of Montrealers like Charity by giving them a new smile and a new lease on life.

As we transition into December, Welcome Hall Mission comes alive with the spirit of Christmas. We begin the festivities with our annual toy give-away for thousands of underprivileged children, Noël pour tous

This Christmas, thousands of people will walk through our doors seeking shelter, food, and love. That’s why Welcome Hall Mission puts on an annual holiday dinner that allows our community to gather over a delicious meal.

Your compassionate gifts make Christmas a joyous time of celebration for everyone no matter their circumstances. Thank you for your support!