I am frequently asked to explain why people who find themselves experiencing homelessness often remain homeless for extended periods of time. Why does chronic homelessness seem to be growing in Montreal? Can this problem be fixed?

The first thing we can do is collaborate on preventative measures, starting with our youth. That’s why, I’m delighted to share an update on our brand-new Youth Centre in Montreal North in this newsletter. 

The second thing we can do is establish a system that coordinates the wrap-around services provided to those experiencing homelessness, so they can find and maintain permanent housing. With this in mind, we’d like to provide an update on one of our housing initiatives that do just this, Projet Logement Montreal. 

We’re so excited to have your ongoing partnership as we change the narrative around homelessness and advocate for real change in Montreal. Thank you for all you do to help families and individuals improve their lives and build brighter tomorrows.


Samuel Watts

CEO/Executive Director

You Helped Provide a Ray of Hope

In his early twenties, Dousso was studying Math and Physics at the University of Lomé in Togo, Africa when the political winds shifted. When Dousso and his wife began to fear for their safety, they had no choice but to flee their home. Thankfully, they discovered they could enter Canada as refugees. 

Once safely established in Montreal, life picked up where it left off for this brave couple. Dousso achieved an undergraduate degree at McGill University and went on to earn a Master’s. And his family grew to include two beautiful sons! 

But then a terrible tragedy struck. Without any warning, his wife passed away. 

Dousso remembers looking at his boys with a heavy heart, wondering how he would juggle working and raising them all on his own. With great reluctance, Dousso moved back to Togo so he had the support of his family.

Years passed. As his sons turned into confident and capable young men, Dousso knew they should return to Canada. The boys would have more opportunities if they could study and live in the country where they were born.

With a little money in the bank, Dousso and his boys boarded on a flight to Montreal in February of 2022. But Montreal had changed since he lived there nearly 20 years ago. With limited funds he couldn’t afford an apartment. 

After no luck finding accommodations, they found themselves at the front doors of the Macaulay Pavilion, desperate, tired, and in need of hope. 

Thanks to donors like you, our staff welcomed them in for a meal, a place to sleep, and a shower. Dossou was overwhelmed with gratitude. “The staff immediately made me and my sons feel welcome, were warm, non-judgmental and assured me that they were going to be able to help us,” he said.

Within 24 hours, the team not only found an apartment, they also enrolled them in Programme Bienvenue. Your generosity provided help with rent, food, access to the Marché and even transport passes!

Today, we’re happy to report that Dousso’s family has moved to Sherbrooke, Québec where his sons will attend university this coming fall. 

Thank you for providing hope to people on their darkest days. Your support truly has the power to change everything for someone in their time of need!

“Welcome Hall Mission gave us a ray of hope, sunshine at a dark time and made a huge positive change to our lives.” ‑ Dousso

The Success of Projet Logement Montreal

In 2015, Projet Logement Montreal began as a temporary project to help people secure permanent housing with access to ongoing support services. 

Fast forward to 2022, thanks to funding from the federal government, we have been able to help an amazing 651 people obtain housing. 

Here’s this project’s progress thus far!

  • 85% retention rate 
  • 62% of participants have been in housing for over 5 years
  • 45% of participants have access to a family doctor
  • 168 partnerships with landlords 
  • 300 people accessing help managing finances through our rent payment service

Now, 523 participants are in the program with residences stretching from Lachine to Rivière-des-Prairies and from the old port to Montreal-North. 

Housing is an investment and a human right. With this in mind, we hope Projet Logement Montreal will receive another round of funding shortly via Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy. Of course, Accueil Bonneau, Old Brewery Mission, La Maison Du Père, and Welcome Hall Mission will continue to collaborate, with help from donors like you, to ensure every person in need can find a place to call home. Thank you for all your help!

Words From a Programme Bienvenue Client

For every one of us, having somewhere to call home is essential. It’s so much more than four walls and a door, it’s a safe place that allows us to create dignity, comfort, and stability in our lives. At Welcome Hall Mission, we know that ending homelessness in Montreal is achievable. And it begins with services like Programme Bienvenue that help people, like the client who wrote this heartfelt letter, find and maintain permanent and supportive housing. Thank you for continuing to make more touching stories like this one possible!

To all the staff and volunteers of Mission Bon Accueil,

Through this letter, I wish to convey my deepest gratitude for all of the support, kindness and generosity you have shown me since my arrival.

Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I was placed under the capable hands of passionate people who advocated for my well-being, and ensured I would be granted the best opportunities this great nation has to offer to a returning citizen like myself. 

Despite being far removed from all that was familiar to me, you made me feel welcome and at home. I always felt I belonged.

As a result of your dedication, I had a roof over my head and nutritious food while slowly navigating the labyrinthine steps toward adjusting to life in Canada. 

Karim, Yohan, and all the others, my most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your tremendous work on my behalf. You walked alongside me on my journey back home. For that, I shall always be grateful.  I really cannot thank you enough for all you have given me today, on account of my new apartment. I am deeply moved.

The next step of the journey is to go forward, and never stop. The sky is the limit!

Blessings to all.

Programme Bienvenue Client