The past year was one of unprecedented change, hardship and cooperation. Since the onset of COVID-19, Welcome Hall Mission has taken great strides to adjust to the new challenges of serving people experiencing homelessness. Everything we’ve done is thanks to the unwavering dedication of people like you.

Our goal continues to be eradicating homelessness in Montreal and ensuring that every person has access to shelter, food, and love. Thankfully, your steady support has allowed us to form new partnerships and to adapt how we deliver our services. 

Your remarkable generosity enables us to offer life-changing support for those hoping to improve their lives. As we prepare for a new year of challenges and triumphs, I can’t express how grateful I am for all you do for Montrealers in need.

With appreciation,

Sam Watts

CEO/Executive Director

How Soraya Found Support in Montreal

When Soraya looks back on her first few Christmases in Canada, her heart feels full. She mentions the joy of holding her four-year-old daughter up to the frosted window in their small living room, watching flakes of snow dancing their way down from the sky, blurring amongst the red and green lights that line their street.

Since moving to Montreal from Morocco two years ago, she and her daughter have been living in Saint Leonard. They’ve spent each Christmas as Quebecers do—gathering around a pine-scented tree that’s lined with small presents.

But things weren’t always this peaceful. A few years ago, Soraya faced a tragedy that changed the whole course of her life.

“It’s important to me that my daughter wakes up on Christmas morning with something to look forward to—just like all the other kids,” ‑ Soraya

In Morocco, she completed a teaching degree and intended to start a job in education right away. But before she was able to launch her career, Soraya’s husband passed away unexpectedly. Without warning, Soraya became a widow with no job and a two-year-old to care for. Soraya decided to join her extended family in Canada.

During this uncertain time, Soraya leaned on Welcome Hall Mission. Through our doors, she gained access to nutritious food at our Marché Bon Accueil, and found a caring and welcoming community to support her.

Most of all, Soraya appreciates what the Mission did for her family during the holidays. The pair have attended the Noel Pour Tous event every year, and it’s made all the difference for Soraya—who otherwise couldn’t afford Christmas presents for her daughter. 

“It’s important to me that my daughter wakes up on Christmas morning with something to look forward to—just like all the other kids,” says Soraya. “I am so grateful for this community of generous people, and for the acceptance, love, and unconditional support we found here.”

Fortunately, Soraya was able to secure a job this past year! She is excited to start her career and is passionate about giving back to the community.

This Christmas, Soraya and her daughter celebrated the holidays together from the comfort of home. In the spirit of the season, they gave their seats at our festive dinner to someone else experiencing poverty.

“I know how it feels to struggle during the holidays,” says Soraya. “But this year I was blessed with a job, so I wanted to give our spot at the Mission’s table to someone who needs help like we once did.”

Your gifts made Soraya’s story of success possible, sparking love and hope on her hardest days. Thank you for making a brighter tomorrow possible for those struggling today.

At The Jim Lund Dental Clinic

At Welcome Hall Mission, it’s important to us that no basic human need goes unmet, and that includes regular access to a dentist through the Jim Lund Dental Clinic.

Unfortunately, due to the unexpected reality of COVID-19, the clinic had to shut down in the spring.

“Our clinic serves hundreds of low-income people for free every year, helping them deal with concerns such as cavities, gum health, and tooth extractions.”

Thanks to the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry and our generous donors, the clinic was able to reopen at the end of September!

Our clinic follows strict distancing measures, which has unfortunately limited our capacity and we are unable to serve as many people as before. But we have a plan to solve this problem and you can help.

With the generous support of our donors, we plan to expand the Jim Lund Dental Clinic so that our dentists can safely treat every patient in need of dental care.

Please consider making a life-changing gift by contributing to the expansion of our dental clinic today.

For bringing joy to families this Christmas!

Despite the uncertain state of the world this Christmas, we were determined to hold our annual toy giveaway, Noel Pour Tous.

Every child in Montreal deserves to receive a toy at Christmastime. And thanks to your generous donations and our wonderful team of volunteers, we were able to collect and distribute thousands of toys for children and teens experiencing poverty in Montreal!

Thanks to your generous gifts, thousands of children received toys at our annual event Noel pour tous.

The event was spread over several weeks and parents were assigned specific arrival times. With these measures in place, our 16th annual giveaway went off without a hitch and brought smiles and joy to thousands of families in need.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Welcome Hall Mission throughout the Christmas season!