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Have You Heard?

Something quite unique and wonderful is happening right now at Marché Bon Accueil, Saint-Henri and Montreal-North. With a history of more than 127 years, and even in a pandemic, we continue to innovate our food aid service, while ensuring adherence to sanitary measures to protect our customers and staff. All in a simple and efficient way.
Welcome Hall Mission now offers its clients a grocery shopping experience that promotes dignity and autonomy. Marché Bon Accueil provides up to 3,000 low-income Montrealers with food assistance each week.

Over 3,000

Montrealers are able to eat healthy meals each week thanks to food donated to Marché Bon Accueil

Nearly one million

kilograms of food are being distributed each year

What's on the shelves?

• 78% perishable
• 22% non-perishable

“It’s preferable to be able to choose what you want. It helps us eat healthy.”
–A Marché Bon Accueil client

How Does It Work?

At Marché Bon Accueil, you can select from a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, frozen meat and other healthy foods. Once shopping is complete, you present your membership card at check out, and volunteers will assist you with bagging your groceries.

Application for membership is based on household income. Once your application is accepted, you’ll receive a membership card, which indicates the size of your family, which in turn indicates how much free food you can obtain each time.

Welcome Mission Hall is grateful to receive food donations from many generous partners. We use refrigerated trucks to travel throughout the Greater Montreal area, collecting donations from our partners. The food is then stored in one of our two warehouses, one of which is refrigerated. If you or your business is interested in giving to support Marché Bon Accueil, please visit our Gifts-In-Kind page to learn how you can help!

The operation of Marché Bon Accueil is made possible thanks to dozens of volunteers who generously give their time. For those who are interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers, please fill out a Welcome Hall Mission Volunteer Form. We would love to welcome you!

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