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Welcome Hall Mission works with Montrealers who are not able to afford housing, health services, or skill acquisition programs, regardless of where they are in their personal journey. We make accountability a priority, and strive to serve people in innovative ways that suit their specific needs. Often, all that someone needs is a helping hand to start rebuilding their independence.

Macaulay Emergency Shelter (for men)

Each night, Welcome Hall Mission opens its doors to welcome  around 200 Montrealers for a night of warm shelter. Throughout winter, we ensure no one is left out in the cold. Clients are given clean clothes, new underwear, hygiene products, and hot showers. Support is available to help clients move forward in their lives.

Welcome Hall Residences Rehabilitation Program

The goal of the program is to help men who are dealing with addiction-related issues to obtain permanent housing and be fully integrated into society. It promotes the adoption of a healthy and fully independent lifestyle. Many of our residents have experienced chronic or episodic homelessness and, in the environment of the Welcome Hall Residences, counselors and staff can help them build a personalized plan for the future that allows them to build on their strengths and access community resources. The rehabilitation program places an emphasis on residential stability, healthy eating and skill development. It features activities, workshops and the encouragement of a supportive staff team.


Welcome Hall Mission provides women and men with up to three years of housing while they receive counselling and support as they seek employment and reintegrate into society. We offer 26 apartments.

Pre-Employment and Life Skills

Welcome Hall Mission’s skill acquisition programs help Montrealers develop the tools they need to re-enter the workforce. The programs include skills-training, one-on-one support, and life-skills workshops. Current programs available include PASS ACTION and our Micro-Enterprise Program.

Cœur à sœur

In the Cœur à sœur program, our team of dedicated professionals helps young mothers with children up to age 5, and pregnant women between 15 and 30 years old, regain control of their lives. Through personalized life plans, participants build self-esteem, develop a greater sense of responsibility, and hone their parental skills.

“Coeur à soeur helped me regain my self confidence. The intervention workers always listened to me, supported me, and loved me.” - Mélanie

Health Services

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. At Welcome Hall Mission, clients can book a medical consultation with an on-site nurse, provided in partnership with CIUSSS Centre-Sud de l’Île de Montréal. Clients also have access to free top-quality dental care at the Jim Lund Dental Clinic. For mental health services, our team of qualified professionals are available to provide counselling and referrals to specialists, as needed.


In December of 2017, we opened the doors to our short-term mental health unit—PRISM (a mental health reinsertion program for the homeless), in partnership with the CIUSS West-Central Montreal and the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal. Under the treatment of a psychiatrist, nurse, and the encouraging support of intervention workers, clients facing severe mental illness and chronic homelessness can find hope and a new life. In fact, after just a few months in PRISM, several men have progressed to their own apartments with continual follow-up by an outpatient mental health team, and are living successfully on their own—an immeasurable feat after years spent living on the streets.

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