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Have you ever found yourself unable to afford groceries? Have you felt that uncertainty of how you will be able to feed yourself, or if you’ll be able to buy groceries for your family?

With food prices increasing so dramatically in the last few years, more and more people in Montreal are struggling to choose between rent and putting food on the table.

But together, we can help our community THRIVE! Through the support of generous people just like you, Welcome Hall Mission has a free Marché that offers people in our community access to healthy groceries for themselves and their family members.

Here’s how it works


We use a membership system to ensure that we meet the needs of those in our community who rely on us. This system allows us to track donations and guarantee that food doesn’t go to waste.

As Welcome Hall Mission is one of the largest charity organizations in Montreal, we are lucky to use our size to our advantage. A membership system allows us to benefit from better deals and use our purchasing power to make your donation go further.

In fact, for every dollar donated, Welcome Hall Mission can effectively DOUBLE the impact through the purchase of local, fresh and healthy food.


If you’ve ever felt tight on finances, I’m sure you know that asking for help can be hard. Traditionally, food banks don’t allow people to pick and choose what they actually need, but that is not the case at Welcome Hall Mission. Our members can sign up and schedule an appointment to do their grocery shopping, allowing for a much more dignified experience.

I’m sure you can imagine that for a single mom of a newborn, the needs might be very different from a senior on a pension. Why not ensure people can actually choose the groceries and basic essentials that work best for their situation?


Children and families need healthy food to thrive, which means we make those options a priority at the Marché. Rather than give away perishables, Welcome Hall Mission works with farmers and other local food distributors to purchase healthy food. This is the kind of food that allows families to flourish.

Not only does nutritious and healthy food help people in need to prosper in the moment, but it is also proven to help them live more productive lives, which in turn leads to better education and employment opportunities and eventually a better chance at escaping the cycle of poverty!

Isn’t that amazing? A donation can provide someone with not only healthy food, but a chance to escape the cycle of poverty!

This sounds great, but how can I help?

The Marché has become an integral part of so many people’s lives. But without continued support from the community, it simply wouldn’t be able to continue to operate. That being said, there are easy and effective ways that you can make a difference!

Become a Monthly Donor!

Every month, people in our community come to the Marché to pick up healthy food to support themselves & their families. And while we provide families with an average of $100 worth of groceries per month because we can buy in bulk (think Costco or Loblaws) it only takes a monthly donation of $50 to provide a family with a WHOLE month of groceries!

Would you join Shelter, Food & Love – our monthly donor program – and become a monthly donor today?

Run a Virtual Food Drive!

Do you have a birthday coming up? Maybe a special function or a corporate event? Raise funds with your friends, family or co-workers to help people in our community. The funds raised in a Virtual Food Drive will be used to purchase healthy and nutritious food for families in need all across Montreal.

Not only is a Virtual Food Drive fun and exciting, it makes a real difference for someone right here in our neighbourhood.

Come by for a Guided Tour!

What better way to learn about Welcome Hall Mission than to stop by for a visit! To schedule a guided tour of our facilities, please contact us at

You’ll see firsthand how lives are being transformed every day—which is only possible with the support of our incredible community of generous donors.

Email Us!

And if you can’t become a monthly donor today or commit to a virtual food drive,

a one-time donation is always a quick and easy way to help someone immediately!